My skills include
but are not limited to:

Computer Skills
• Macintosh
• PC
Photoshop CS5
Illustrator CS5
InDesign CS5
Flash CS5
• Quark 8
Logic Pro 9 (Pro Audio)
• Google Sketchup (3D)
• Font Agent Pro
• Suitcase
• Wordpress
• ZenCart (eCommerce)
• WooCommerce (eCommerce)
Rapidweaver (Site Creation)
Hype (HTML5 creation)
• MS Office
And many more...
Hobbies & Interests
• Teaching
• Sculpting
• Furniture Creation
Product Design
• General Artistic Creation
• Painting
Music Creation
Photo Augmentation
• Spiritual Growth
• Public Speaking
Radio Show Cohost
Personal Traits
I am a team player, a good teacher of skills and abilities, able to relate ideas and concepts clearly. Able to follow orders and delegate as I need to. I’m a responsible problem solver with an ability to handle multiple projects at once.

I have a bright spirit, able to help uplift those around me when needed, with a solid code of ethics and like to do the right thing. I have hired and fired in several postions over the years.

Learning is a passion and I constantly try to improve my abilities and knowledge.
Future Ambitions
Stable Position with great company that recognizes what I have to offer.

More public speaking.
Write more books.
Create much more music.
Live more life!

If you are looking for a freelancer or full-time employee, please
contact me.