My vow
Mine heart hath known the fury, of a rage that burns my soul,
Mine eyes hath seen the sadness, that when love is lost, is caused.
Mine body did tremble silently, whilst deprived of your caress,
And tears cleared paths to my lips, when my faith in you was test.

Like a knight of old I stand here for you, I bequeath to you this vow,
A man of virtue I shall ever be, and always love you, as I love you now.
Whenever you are helpless or a hand of kindness you shall need,
I will be there for you, for as your guardian, I have been decreed...

My strength doth give you shelter and break the barriers of your restriction,
My words are spoken truthfully, with heartfelt kindness and conviction.
And if the wrath that lays dormant within, is ever wakened from its sleep,
to smite the evil that threatens you, my rage, your spirit shall safely keep.

From days of knightly warriors, I walk the path of mine hearts own course,
To be at your side and watch over you, and troubled lands together, we shall cross.
I say not any of this lightly, My word to you is given,
Upon granite I write my vow for you, lest the word of mine never be forgotten. . . .
Ever yours . . . .