Harness the rage
Of all that dwells within your heart, take the rage....
Take the rage of everything that you have ever felt a fury for...
The loss of a child.... A senseless act of violence against
someone so unsuspecting or frail.... The prejudice that
devours society like cancer.... The Countless thousands
that have lost their lives in the name of god, honor or country....
Even the sand that has too many times been kicked into your
own face.

Take the rage of all this, the mind numbing infuriating rage
of it.... Harness it, focus it, unleash it, towards the betterment
of yourself or the world, to strive to make a change in any
positive way, using the rage as fuel; the focused anger of all
that devours your very spirit and soul, to push you to attain
that much needed goal.

Harness the Passion, the passion from the music that sparks a
fire within your soul. The music that drives you with inhuman
power and strength to go that extra mile, that extra rep, that
extra day. The passion for the love that heaven nor hell, Man
nor beast keep you away from....

Harness the energy from every fiber, every cell, every part
of your being.... Focus it, unleash it, in a laser beam tunnel
vision of dreams, ambition and hunger for the success you desire.
Even with this effort, you may not become the best or the
greatest, but you will become the best, the greatest, you can be...!

"Life, Live it with pride"