Why did you go Nan. . . Why did you go away?
why did you have to leave us, and take a piece of our lives away?
Our hearts are ever crying for the loss we clearly feel,
Our Christmas's and holidays will never be so real.

I ask God for an answer for as to why you left so soon,
As though our backs were turned, and quite discretely, you left the room,
I wanted so very badly, for you to see who I've become,
A new lady here at my side, and a wonderful little Son.

So much I did not say to you, and what an awful shame,
that the love I feel so deeply, belongs to memories that ache with pain,
I know you are there watching Nan, I feel you at times around,
This knowing does softly comfort me,
And with time shall heal the wound.

I thank you for all you have given me,fond memories, to the food you cooked, from showing a daughter how to be nothing less,
To the subtle lessons that when young, I over looked.
Now you travel onward, your mission here complete,
moving to that wondrous place, where one day we'll meet.

You shall live on within our hearts, of this be rest assured, for sharing our life's with you Nan, was a pleasure, not a chore . . .
Rest well, rest safe, rest peacefully, and know within your soul, we are truly going to miss you Nan, we love you, one and all.