Natures song
Natures song in feathered flight
Rushing home in pale moon light
Young ones crying for their fill
Young ones lurching at mothers bill

Purring demon awaits below
Feasting eyes on feathered heads that show
Through the door of homely nest
Planning the attack that's best

Barking teeth, expectant drool
Waiting for that purring fool
One paw forward, then the next
Head low seeking, the attack that's best

Hungry Grizzly pacing near
Smelling expectant drool in air
On hind legs, it rises high
Sighting hound prepared to fly

Mighty roar and with crushed fence
Awesome grizzly does commence
To clear a path to it's meal
Which senses danger and barks a shrill

Furry demon spins around
Back is arched, claws in the ground
Bounding high in one fail leap
In a tree to softly creep

Natures song in feathered flight
Made it through another night
Until the morrow does come along
Mother feeds it's future song